Guisborough (1878)

A correspondent writes of the meetings held in this place by Mr Murch from March 31 to April 14., Mr Murch is indeed a preacher taught of God and has a wonderful power of rivetting the attention of his hearers. The meetings were well attended from beginning to end; on the last Sabbath night the Hall was crowded by anxious hearers. Many of God's people have learned the way of salvation in a more simple form than they ever knew it before. Many who came to ridicule the people of God and have what they called a little fun, were arrested by the truth. The meetings have indeed been a great success and we are gratetul to you tor sending such a good man amongst us as Mr Murch,

"The Christian," May 4th, 1878.


Additional Information

Location unknown. It does not specifically mention salvations, but I am sure there were.

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