Old Meeting House - Norwich (1693)

An electricity exile in the Netherlands was a man called William Bridge. As Rector of St Peters, Hungate and St George, Tombland he had resisted the rising Laudian tide of sacramentalism, and Laud's command that altars be put back in the chancels and then railed in, was the last straw. Bridge and his followers fled to Rotterdam, joining an Independent English church there, of which there were several. Once heads had rolled, the congregation returned in 1642, first to Great Yarmouth and then to Norwich, where they met in private houses and halls. Once the Act of Toleration had been passed, they could set about building a home of their own; and so it was that in 1693 they built their meeting house in Norwich, where it still survives today, in use for the same purpose, one of the oldest non-conformist places of worship in England.

Taken from,www.norfolkchurches.co.uk/norwichmeetinghouse/norwicholdmeeting.htm

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