Ellenborough (1905)

One of the most phenomenal revival movements of modern times took place at Ellenborough in 1905. In the January, R. Crewdson, the superintendent minister, began a series of evangelistic services in the village. Immediately the people flocked to the services, and so dense did the crowd become that the preacher, having forced his way into the pulpit, was unable to sit or leave it for hours. Traps, cycles, and motors brought numbers nightly from a distant place; and while services were going on in the chapel, open-air meetings were held, and from eight to twelve cottage meetings were proceeding at the same time. Every household was gripped by the mighty impulse, every church was quickened, men who had lived ungodly lives were in such distress about their souls that they could not work, and something like 350 persons professed conversion. "Probably few villages in Wales, about which so much has been said and written lately, could at all compare with Ellenborough in the matter of reformed lives." That is the testimony of a gossip writer in the "Carlisle Express." A chapel was built at Ellenborough in 1861, and it was a great event then, but the material manifestation of the 1905 spiritual uplift is a new and handsome church, opened in the summer of 1907, and the visible sign of the acceptance by God of the people s gift has been the salvation of souls within the new sanctuary.

‘Northern Primitive Methodism’ by W M Patterson, published 1909, page p145.

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