Brough - John Oxtoby (1825)

Dear Brother in Christ, — I received your letter with thankfulness. I bless my God that he has kept you hitherto, and he can keep you to the end. I rejoice that your father stands fast in the faith and that nothing moves him from the hope of the gospel. Give my kind regards to him, and mother and grandfather, and all the friends. Do not forget John Warton at the gate. Tell Joseph Warton that I should be glad to hear of his having another paralytic stroke— such a one as he had the first morning that I met him in class. God is still powerfully with us. We had a glorious time when I was at Brough. I remained nextday and preached again in the evening. The Lord made bare his arm, and many received a full salvation. Next day I went among the people from house to home, and God blessed many souls. At Barnard Castle the divine influence was very powerful, and two persons professed to receive a sense of pardon. I should like again to see you at Westgate before I leave the country, but I must leave them with the Lord. My dear brother, live near to God; stand by faith. Believe when you do not feel. "You will thus honour God, and baffle all the powers of hell. Thank God! he is deepening his good work in my soul, and I much desire to be more useful. Pray for me.

'Yours, John Oxtoby'

“Praying Johnny” by Harvey Leigh, published in 1855, page 37.

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Location unknown.

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