Folds Road Independent Methodist Church, Bolton (1878)

A CORRESPONDENT says:- This Mission continues to progress. A wondrous revival resulted from the labours of the missionaries, Messrs. Corbridge and Coombs, in connexion with the school and congregation at Folds-road. These people are now seeking to carry on the work by a distinct effort on their own account.

After three weeks' service, the missionaries accepted an invitation to labour for a week at the Queen-street Mission-room.
The neighbourhood is one of the lowest in the town. Surely there had been a previous preparation for the preached word, for here again the work was owned by the Master, and from sixty to seventy cases are reported, of what are believed to be genuine conversions to God.

The work has now assumed a new phase. A warehouse, about forty feet square, has been rented in Higher Bridge-street, a considerable thoroughfare, and though alterations are progressing in the lower parts of the building, so that there are great gaps open to the street, three meetings have been held therein, which will certainly have tended to advertise the place. The first meeting was called for the purpose of prayer, for direction and guidance and for funds wherewith to continue the work. A considerable number took part, notably some of the recent converts. It was felt to be a season of comfort and encouragement. He who is the Shepherd and Bishop of souls condescended to consecrate the place by his presence, and six individuals professed to have found peace. About £60 will be required to fit up the place with seats, gas, and other requirements.

"The Christian," May 4th, 1878.

Additional Information

Opened in 1820, Demolished 1970.

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