St Andrews Hall, Norwich (1878)

A correspondent writes: Encouraged by the blessings attending last year's services at the Circus, we determined to renew our efforts this spring, and have just concluded a fortnight's meetings in St. Andrew's Hall. Again we have to record that "The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad." To Him be all the praise.

From the first there was no lack of volunteers for all branches of the work--visitors, choir, stewards, and street-workers, who nightly met at 7.30 for prayer, and then, dispersing through streets and courts, invited the loiterers to attend the services.

Night after night witnessed great gatherings, whilst on Sundays the Hall was densely packed by over 2,500 people who listened with marked attention to the "old, old story;" which Mr Cleworth has the special gift of setting forth so simply, yet so powerfully. Our hearts have been made most glad when we have heard of many who were enabled at once to receive Christ during the address, without having to remain as inquirers, for while we acknowledge the usefulness of the after-meeting for dealing with peculiar personal difficulties, and for gathering in results, we feel strongly that the Gospel message should be delivered so simply and so fully in the address that none need to remain as anxious ones because the way of salvation has not been made sufficiently clear.

Mr Cleworth has received most interesting letters from some who have not been spoken with personally. Men as well as women write to tell of joy and peace found in believing. Many ministers of the Gospel have taken a lively interest in the work, some being present every night. On one occasion we had nine of the Norwich clergy present.

With so many and interesting tokens of blessing, we felt that, if possible, our services must be prolonged. St. Andrew's Hall is no longer available, but, happily, the Circus performances will be brought to a close this week, and we have succeeded in obtaining the building for a fortnight before it is pulled down. The Circus will hold over 3,000, and we hope to reach a large number of the lowest class. We go forward, confidently expecting a still larger blessing in answer to the united prayers and efforts of God's people.

We cannot sufficiently express our gratitude to the Evangelisation Society for its kind and prompt response on every occasion to our requests for preacher, and for sending us men who proclaim the glad tidings so faithfully, lovingly, and efficiently.

"The Christian," April 4th, 1878.

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