Twyford (1878)

About six years ago Mr Tormer entering a new house offered the use of his still unfurnished drawing room for evangelistic services. God blessed the Gospel preached here; it brought new life to many, and the room was soon filled, Sunday after Sunday, with those who were thirsting for the living waters. But how were the meetings to be carried on? The drawing room was wanted for the use of the family; it could not be dispensed with without very great inconvenience, and it was time it should be furnished and taken into use. But then what of the Gospel? What of the people outside who wanted to hear it? There was no other place to be had. Mr and Mrs Tormer decided to sacrifice their drawing room - rather, they would say, to consecrate it to the Lord. The benches for the meetings have remained its sole furniture, and the best room in the house is given up to the highest purpose. Never does anyone suffer loss for giving his best to the Lord, and Twyford has been no exception to this rule. Blessing has come to the family; blessing has come to the neighbourhood. Many have passed from death unto life.

"The Christian," June 13th, 1878.

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