Grantham (1812)

Several occurrences of Divine influence attend¬ing the ministry of the word in different parts of the circuit whereby many were converted and added to the societies, have been recorded in the course of this work. In the year 1812, whilst Mr Pattisson travelled in the circuit, a blessed work broke out in the congregation and society at Grantham; when a goodly number was converted, and several of the members were brought to believe for full salvation; some of whom, to the present day, have held fast their confidence, and unhesitatingly bear testimony to their being "made perfect in love." And thus for the space of twenty-four years they have been the living witnesses of the great doctrine of chris¬tian perfection, and whose pious demeanour and consistent conduct demonstrate, in the estimation of those who are best acquainted with them, that their profession is not delusive.

Thomas Cocking, The History of Wesleyan Methodism in Grantham and its Vicinity (Grantham, 1836), p362.

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