Birstall Methodist Circuit - John Pawson/Thomas Taylor (1777-1778)

"At the Conference in 1777, I was ordered to return to Birstal; and had with me as fellow-labourers; Mr Thomas Johnson, Mr Joseph Thompson and Mr Tennant. This was the most glorious year I ever saw. There was an extraordinary revival of the work of God in Birstal and the neighbourhood, very many poor ungodly creatures were savingly converted to God and made happy in the enjoyment of His love. The people were awakened in various ways, under the word preached, at the prayer and class meetings, and some in their own houses who refused to come to the preaching... The work increased upon our hands to the close of the year and as we were succeeded by that prudent, zealous and active servant of God, Mr Thomas Taylor, who spared no pains to nurse these young disciples of Christ, they were preserved, and not only so, but the revival spread far and wide so that great numbers were brought to God."

'Lives of Early Methodist Preachers', by Thomas Jackson, Volume IV, page 47. 


"...the awakening spread into most of the societies, so that I scarcely ever saw so extensive a work. We joined above 700 this year and the greater part alive to God. I never knew so simple means made use of in the hand of a gracious God to bring sinners to Himself. Prayer meetings were singularly useful, so was preaching, but thunder and lightning, dreams and visions, singing and praying, were all made use of for the awakening of sinners."

'Lives of Early Methodist Preachers', by Thomas Jackson, Volume V, page 50. 

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