Low Moor - J Entwisle (1821)

"Sun. 18. — Low Moor, morning and afternoon. Admitted thirty new members. Bradford, evening. Mon. 19. — Preached and met classes at Manningham; employed three hours. In this place also the Lord is carrying on his work. Tues. — Met classes in Bradford, and admitted thirteen new members. what a concern is excited in the minds of the people for their salvation. Wed. — Low Moor. Large and attentive congregation.

Surely the Lord is doing wonders in this place. Thurs. — White Abbey. Here too sinners are awakened and turned unto the Lord. Frid. — Horton. God is at work here." Thus was his time constantly filled up, and thus did the Lord everywhere gladden his heart with abundant success.

From, ‘Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Entwisle; fifty-four years a Wesleyan Minister, 1848, P365.


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