Redditch Circuit (1830)

Early in the year 1830, Henry Breeden, a disciple fresh from the school of John Smith, came to Redditch. If possible, he outflamed his master. His sermons were numerous, but his topics few. As in the broadside of a warship, everything was so directed as to strike one mark. Each shot was weighty, well-aimed, and red-hot. Nothing was thrown away. The whole force of the man was concentrated. Hear him when you would, the terrors of eternity, the freeness of salvation, the fullness of Christian privilege, and no other themes whatever, employed him. A letter of the period, written by a good judge, says, " Such a man for faith, strength, and tact, I never heard." The issue of this earnest, pointed, vigorous preaching was the outbreak in the Circuit of a revival widespread and remarkable.

From ‘The Life of the Rev Thomas Collins’ by Samuel Coley p22.

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