Shepton Mallet - John Valton (1787)

"Many, I perceived, were affected and wept bitterly under the word. I met the society, but the crowd stayed behind and I thought more than once that we should have had a general cry. When I came down from the pulpit I found many in great distress and could not leave them without prayer. Mr Coulson told me afterwards that he believed about one hundred persons, were more or less, awakened under that discourse.

In the beginning of November, I spent two or three nights with that people and many seemed truly convinced and earnest for salvation. The mornings I spent in my lodgings to receive and advise those who came in distress, enquiring what must they do to be saved. The congregations increased every night and a general spirit of alarm and enquiry was spread through the town and neighbourhood. That week many found peace and 44 were admitted on trial into the society.

In my next visit, I had another wonderful night and returned thanks for about twenty-two that had lately found peace with God. The preachers in the Circuit had fostered and encouraged the work. I may truly say, I never saw such a general awakening and without the least appearance of wildfire. One morning I think not less than twenty came to my chamber in distress and two of them found peace with God."

'Lives of Early Methodist Preachers', by Thomas Jackson, Volume VI, page 125-6.

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