Barnetby (1878)

A few weeks ago the little market town of Brigg, in Lincolnshire, was thrown out of its beaten paths by the commencement of evangelistic services, conducted by Miss Wales and Mrs Holland, of London, in the United Methodist Free Church. The chapel was crowded every evening for three weeks. People came for miles, and several who had not been in a place of worship for years came nightly to listen to the voice of praise and the word of grace. Many said it was religious, fanaticism or temporary excitement, but the results show it to have been the work of the Holy Spirit. Many persons professed to find peace in believing in Jesus. Believers have been quickened, backsliders reclaimed, the ungodly have been restrained, and the
attention of the general public had been turned to the truth. Miss Wales and Mrs Holland also conducted successful meetings in the village of Barnetby. These evangelists have left behind them much good and are lovingly remembered by all whom God has blessed through them.

"The Christian," March 14th, 1878.

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