Beeston - Baptists (1804)

21 people left Iliston church to go to Beeston in March 1804. 'May 20th, five candidates, the fruit of Mr Roger's ministry, were accepted by the church and baptised in a pond, in Mr Roger's croft, amidst a large concourse of well-behaved spectators. On July 27th, 12 others were baptised; and on the October 21st following, fifteen others made, in the same manner, a public profession of their faith. Almost every week, during many succeeding months, one or more, professing to be convinced of their sins, desired communion with this increasing society; and early in 1805, twenty were baptised in one day, and added to the church. Most of these candidates were arrived at years of maturity and some were advanced in life. In many cases husbands and wives, and in more than one instance, whole families gave themselves up together to the Lord and his people.'

p374/7 Baptists book 2

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