Holy Trinity Church, Stalybridge (1878)

A 12 day mission is being held in the parish of Castle Hall, which contains some 8,000 souls. The mission preacher is the Rev C B Wilcox and it is with deep thankfulness that I have to speak of the work done so far. The church is filled every evening with the most attentive congregation and the Holy Spirit's power is wonderfully displayed at the after-meetings, to which from 200 to 300 remain. Many troubled ones have found peace and not a few of the Lord's people have had their souls refreshed and strengthened. Our band of workers is small and quite overpowered by the number of inquirers with whom it has to deal. An address to 200 at the Castle Ironworks has been delivered during the dinner hour and all seemed deeply solemnised. We are expecting great blessing on our service for men only, in the church on Sunday next. The mission movement is general at present in the two contiguous towns of Ashton-Under-Lyne and Stalybridge and having been preceded by long preparation and much prayer, there is every reason to hope that it will be to some extent permanent.

"The Christian," September 26th, 1878.

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Also known as Castle Hall.

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