Harston - John Berridge (1759)

"At Harlston Mr Berridge. felt greatly fatigued and dejected, and said, “I am now so weak, I must leave off field-preaching." Nevertheless, he cast himself on the Lord, and stood up to preach, having near three thousand hearers. He was very weak at first, and scarce able to speak; but God soon performed his promise, imparting new strength to him, and causing him to speak with mighty power. A great shaking was among the dry bones. Incessant were the cries, groans, wringing of hands, and prayers of sinners, now first convinced of their deplorable state. After preaching, he was lively and strong, so that the closeness of a crowded room neither affected his breath, nor hindered his rejoicing over two children, one about eight, the other about six years old, who were crying aloud to God for mercy.”

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The works of ... John Berridge, with an enlarged memoir of his life [ed.] by R. Whittingham, p54.


Tues. February 3 1761. — About noon I preached at Harston, five miles beyond Cambridge. Here Mr Berridge’s labour has not been in vain. Several have found peace with God; and a more artless, loving people I have seldom seen. They were gathered from all parts. It pleased God to give a manifestation of his love to one woman in the midst of the sermon. She praised God aloud and inflamed many hearts with love and thankfulness.

From John Wesley's Journal.

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