Greetland (1805)

On Monday, June 15th, M. Collins visited Mrs Wadsworth, an aged woman who heard Mr Wesley twice. Her conversion was memorable, she being the first fruit of a revival which, though half a century has passed, is still spoken of at Greetland. The great work began thus: one Sunday morning the preacher, the Rev. Robert Lomas, had not proceeded far in prayer before his voice trembled and his words were choked: the woman Mr Collins visited, being present, lifted her eyes to discover the cause of that broken utterance, and saw that the Minister's face was wet with tears. The sigh melted her. At the close of the prayer Mr Lomas told the people, "All last night I prayed for you."The sermon smote, and that day a mighty movement commenced, which accelerated until cautious people feared wildness, and would have stopped it; but John Pawson said, "It is of God; let it alone. If you will not throw cold water on it, it will bless you all."

From ‘The Life of the Rev Thomas Collins, by Samuel Coley, p408

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