Liss (1878)

The following is from a letter received from Mr John Chambers: I feel at this time I should say a few words in connection with the labours of the evangelists in this place, for it is now more than twelve months since you so readily responded to my application for aid. You will récollect that the services were first held in my house, commencing in October, 1876, and conducted by my friend the Rev. J. Neil, Circumstances arose compelling Mr Neil's removal. At our first meting we numbered thirty-five, and ultimately 280 were crowded into the rooms. On May 11 last the Mission Hall was opened, and the interest has gone on steadily increasing. And that from Féb. 11, 1877 (the date the Society commenced work here), to the present time, we have had 140 services, besides, the meetings on, Saturday evenings for prayer. From early winter I calculate we kava had an average attendance of over 600 every week under the sound of the gospel.

This is cheering as to numbers, but I believe that the full extent of the spiritual result has been no less marked, and that the word has been blessed by our ever-faithful God. I could tell you of striking cases of conversion, but I forbear entering into detail; suffice it to say that there are many sitting at the feet of Jesus in their right mind. A very great impression has been made throughout the village and neighbourhood, and I feel it has become a centre for evangelical truth. There are those who attend regularly from a neighbouring town four miles distant. These are some results from the work of your society. What is the secret? Certainly not the attractive building or singing, but simply the faithful proclamation of the old, old story of Jesus and his love.

"The Christian," April 4th, 1878.

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