Zennor - St Serena Church (1743-1768)

The Wesleys preached in Zennor around fifteen times. They always went to the service first and then preached outside.

John said in his journal on July 12th 1747, 'I then went to church at Zennor and when the service was ended, preached under the churchyard wall.'

And on September 14th 1760, 'I began at Zennor, as soon as the church service ended: I suppose scarce six persons went away. Seeing many there who did once run well, I addressed myself to them in particular. The spirit of mourning was soon poured out; and some of them wept bitterly. '

There was a revival in the Penzance Methodist circuit in 1799 and it began in Zennor. The minister of the circuit wrote, 'In one night, about twenty stout-hearted sinners were constrained to cry aloud for mercy.; and some found the 'pearl of great price.' Since which time, that Society, which consisted of about seventeen members, is increased to one hundred.' 117 people represented over 20% of the population at that time.

Revival came again in 1831 and again it began in Zennor. The minister of the circuit relates that near the close of the sermon a middle-aged woman cried out that she was forgiven and then, The preacher then closed the sermon and began to pray; and a powerful influence rested upon the whole congregation.' Then a young convert cried out that his soul was full of Glory. Many people were affected and in different parts of the circuit a few were saved each week.

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