St Tudy - Loveday Hambly Born (1604-1639)

Loveday Hambly's home was burned to the ground and this was built in its place. The estate is now full of holiday chalets etc. Loveday Hambly is much thought of by the Quakers and Ms L V Hodgkin wrote a book about her 'A Quaker Saint of Cornwall' in 1927. To be honest there is very little about Loveday in the book because very little is known of her. Most of the book is about the people around her and the times she lived in. We know that Loveday Billing was born around 1604 at Hengar, a large estate which is between St Breward and St Tudy. She was married in 1639 at St Breward parish church to William Hambly of Tregangeeves farm. In 1651 her husband died and she lived at the farm until her death in 1682. She did not have any children.

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