Newlyn - John Wesley (1747-1789)

John Wesley preached around a dozen times in Newlyn between 1747 and 1789. He wrote in his journal on July 12th 1747, 'At five I walked to a rising ground, near the seashore, where was a smooth white sand to stand on. An immense multitude of people was gathered together, but their voice was as the roaring of the sea. I began to speak, and the noise died away; but before I had ended my prayer some poor wretches from Penzance began cursing and swearing and thrusting the people off the bank. In two minutes I was thrown into the midst of them; when one of Newlyn, a bitter opposer until then, turned about and swore, 'None shall meddle with the man: I will lose my life first.' Many others were of his mind; so I walked an hundred yards forward and finished my sermon without any interruption. '

On September 11th 1757 he wrote, 'At five I preached in Newlyn to a huge multitude, and one only seemed to be offended - a very good sort of woman, who took great pains to get away, crying aloud, 'Nay if going to church and sacrament will not put us to heaven, I know not what will.' This is the misconception of so many, even today.

This is all I could find on Newlyn, but the town is so close to Penzance, Paul and Mousehole that they must have been touched by some, if not all the revivals that took place there.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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