Mevagissey (1826)

John Wesley came to Megavissey seven times between 1753 and 1780. He wrote in his journal on September 22nd 1757, 'I rode to Megavissey; when I was here last we had no place in the town; I could only preach about half a mile from it. But things are altered now: I preached just over the town to almost all the inhabitants.' In 1768 he wrote, 'Can any good be done at Megavissey?' Finally on August 27th 1776, he wrote 'I preached in an open space at Mevagissey to most of the inhabitants of the town; where I saw a very rare thing - men swiftly increasing in substance, and yet not decreasing in holiness.'

Mevagissey got touched by revival in 1826. The circuit minister reports, 'Mevagissey has also had a gracious rain, to water the Lord's inheritance when it was weary. The work here has been rapid and wide. Not less than 150 persons have of late joined the society. How many of these will endure to the end? They will require much pastoral care; and, thank God, there are among our friends in this society many individuals who are highly qualified to watch over these souls and to train this sacramental host of God's elect.'

William Carvosso (see this website) was around and about during this revival and witnessed its beginning in Mevagissey; he writes in his journal, 'I proceeded to Megavissey, where I was affectionately welcomed. For about a week I went from house to house in my usual way, but nothing particular transpired in the way of movement among the people. At last I heard that a young woman was convinced of sin and wished to see me. While I was conversing with her, she wept much. At the prayer meeting in the chapel that night she cried aloud for mercy. This was the beginning of the revival in Mevagissey. Afterwards we had prayer meetings every night for seven weeks. I witnessed some of the most remarkable conversions I ever saw in my life, especially among a number of old people.'

Sadly Carvosso died in 1834 and so was not around to report on the revival of that year that would have hit this area.

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