Crowan - Wesleys (1744-1770)

Charles Wesley preached in Crowan once and John, eleven times. Charles wrote in his journal on July 19th 1744, 'I preached at Crowan, to between one and two thousand tinners, who seemed started out of the earth. Several hid their faces, and mourned inwardly, being too deeply affected to cry out...The poor people were ready to eat us up, and sent us away with many a hearty blessing.'

John wrote in his journal on June 23rd 1745, 'At five I began at Crowan, the head-quarters of the people that delight in war. While I was expounding part of the Second Morning Lesson, Captain R came with a party of men, ready for battle; but their master riding away in two or three minutes, their countenances quickly fell. One and another stole off his hat, till they were all uncovered; nor did they either move or speak till I had finished my discourse.'

He wrote again on September 9th 1765, 'at six in Crowan. I admire the depth of grace in the generality of this people; so simple, so humble, so teachable, so utterly dead to the world!'

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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