Lelant (1832)

John Wesley only came to Lelant a couple of times; probably because the people would go to St Ives to hear him. He wrote in his journal on September 12th 1757, 'I preached in Lelant at one. Many from St Ives were present.'

Revival came to the town in 1832. The circuit minister wrote, 'The next place in order was Lelant. The society and congregation in this place had been for some time past in a very lukewarm state; the number of members were about 70; and the people in the village notorious for irreligion and wickedness. In December last, several stout-hearted sinners were powerfully awakened, and with all their hearts sought mercy and obtained it. In this place the good work is still going on (five months later). Such has been the crowd of auditors that it has been deemed necessary to put extra pillars under the gallery.'

There was a revival in the Hayle circuit in 1827 and Lelant would have been touched by this.

In 1862 William Booth had meetings here and several hundred came to the Lord. I would have expected some spill over from Hayle into Lelant from the revivals there, led by William Haslam (see this website) and William and Catherine Booth (see this website.)

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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