Wheal Rose (1799)

Wheal Rose was touched by the 1799 revival. The circuit minister reported, 'The beginning of the revival at Wheal Rose was very singular. A young girl had been in great distress for many hours and would not rest until the Lord spoke peace to her soul. The day after, she went to her work, but her companions began to mock her, on account of the distress she felt; but so far from being discouraged, she immediately kneeled down and prayed for her persecutors. Her prayers were answered: the hand of God laid hold on them; many of them cried aloud for mercy, and continued so to do till one of our friends came by, and took the distressed into Wheal Rose preaching house, where they continued, with many more who assembled with them, until daylight next morning, during which time many found peace with God.'

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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