Helston (1823)

Charles Wesley wrote in his journal on July 3rd 1746, 'I showed above one thousand sinners at Sithney the love and compassion of Jesus towards them. Many who came from Helston, a town of rebels and persecutors, were struck, and confessed their sin, and declared they would never more be found fighting against God.'

John Wesley preached in Helston about ten times between 1755 and 1789. He wrote in his journal on September 3rd 1755, 'In the afternoon we rode to Helston, once turbulent enough but now quiet as Penryn. I preached at six on a rising ground about a musket shot from the town. What has done much good here is the example of WT. He was utterly without God in the world when his father died and left him a little estate, encumbered with huge debt. Seven or eight years ago he found peace with God. He afterwards sold his estate, paid all his debts, and with what he had left furnished a little shop. Herein God has blessed him in an uncommon manner. Meantime all his behaviour is of a piece, so that more and more of his neighbours say, 'Well, this is a work of God!'

In 1823 and 1824 there was a revival in the Helston circuit, more than 400 were added to the circuit. A report records, 'Some indescribably affecting scenes have occurred during this revival of religion.' The work was gradual over the two years and not all in a few weeks. The whole circuit was touched.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held except Wesley often met in the High Street.

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