Tywardreath (1826)

St Blazey and Tywardreath were touched by the 1826/7 revival with three or four hundred being added to the society and according to the circuit minister, 'almost the whole population is in motion God-ward. In such copiousness did the Spirit descend upon the people of these villages, that they are siezed with deep distress for sin while they were in the bowels of the earth; and many came from different parts of the mines, at the same hour of the day, in the bitterest anguish of soul, desiring some to pray with them; and these individuals seldom left the place until they found spiritual comfort. Our old members were found going about amongst these slain of the Lord, as those who comfort mourners. The bulk of the population is under religious arrest; and the general subject of conversation is, - this great work of the Lord among the people. Seriousness of spirit, and regularity in deportment, characterise the people of these parts.'

This area was probably also touched by the 1834 revival of St Austell.

Additional Information

The Methodist Chapel was built in 1828 as a result of the 1826/7 revival.

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