Redruth (1799)

Charles and John Wesley spoke at Redruth almost 30 times between them between 1746 and 1789. There were always a great number of people who came to the meetings. John wrote in his journal on July 4th 1747, 'About two I preached in the street at Redruth. The congregation was large and deeply attentive; indeed, there are scarce any in the town (but gentlemen) who are not convinced of the truth.'

And on his farewell tour he wrote on August 22nd 1789, 'I crossed over to Redruth, and at six preached to a huge multitude, as usual, from the steps of the market house. The word seemed to sink deep into every heart.'

Revival came to Penzance in 1799. The circuit minister relates, 'I shall never forget that memorable time which we had at the close of last year in Redruth Chapel. At midnight, as I was giving out the hymn, I was so affected, that I knew not how to proceed. So clearly did I see the willingness of God to save sinners, that many times, in the concluding prayer, I was obliged to stop, and almost the whole congregation were overwhelmed in tears.'

Revival came again in 1814, it began in this area. The circuit minister reports that on February 13th two women were converted and then, 'On the following Thursday, at a prayer meeting held in a dwelling house, eight persons obtained a sense of the divine favour. Friday, brother Morris and I being at home, and at leisure, we attended a prayer meeting held at the workhouse, where many were in deep distress, and in answer to much prayer, experienced divine consolation. Sunday, 20th, I suppose nearly forty members were added to the different classes. At two in the afternoon, just as Mr Morris had finished his sermon, multitudes began to cry earnestly for mercy, and continued praying and praising God till evening preaching at six.' Five hundred were added to the society.

Revival came again in 1823 and then in 1862 William and Catherine Booth (see this website) came to Redruth that then had a population of 10,000and revival broke out there as it had in St Ives etc. They were able to hold services in the Free Methodist chapel that held over 1,000. They then moved to Camborne and the revival carried on there in the same manner. In all, it is estimated that 7,000 came to the Lord in these revivals.

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I do not know where the meetings were held.

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