St Levan (1832)

Revival came to St Levan (Sowah) in 1832. The circuit minister records, 'At Sowah, in St Leven, we have a society of about sixty members. Nearly forty more have been truly awakened, and the greater part united by living faith to the Redeemer. In this place, three old men, whose united ages amounted to 200, received tickets.'

James Udy went to St Levan in 1894 and relates, 'I shall never forget that place. We had a big smash on one Sunday morning; the Glory of God filled the chapel. In the afternoon 14 young people came to Jesus, and at night it was 'Victory! Victory!' Before I commenced to preach a man came out for Salvation; but when the prayer meeting began, the people came forward from all parts of the chapel to seek Christ, and that night thirty souls were born for Glory. After this the whole district seemed to be shaken and before the Mission closed, one hundred souls were saved.'

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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