Penryn - John Wesley (1748-1770)

John Wesley preached in Penryn about ten times. He wrote in his journal on September 19th 1757, 'In the evening both the house and court were more than filled, so that I willingly embraced the offer of Mr H, and preached before his door at twelve on Tuesday. It was an extremely pleasant place on the side of a hill, commanding a fruitful vale, the opposite hills, and Falmouth harbour. Tall trees hung over me, and surrounded a bowling green which was behind me. A wide door is now open at Penryn also. Oh, that none may shut it!'

On September 22nd 1760 he wrote, 'I preached at Penryn in the evening. It rained before and after, but not while I was preaching. While we were at prayer a sheet of light seemed to fill the yard, and 'the Voice of the Lord' was heard over our heads. This fixed the impression they had recieved upon the minds of many; as if it had said in express terms, 'Prepare to meet thy God!'

From the circuit records it appears that Penryn was touched by the 1814 revival. They had 28 members in 1798 and 288 members in 1814.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were.

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