Breage (1817)

John Wesley preached at Breage five times between 1750 and 1765. He wrote in his journal on September 5th 1755, 'I had given no notice of preaching here, but, seeing the poor people flock from every side, I could not send them empty away. So I preached a small distance from the house, and besought them to consider our 'great High Priest', who is passed through into the heavens.' And none opened his mouth, for the lions of Breage too are now changed into lambs. That they were so fierce ten years ago is no wonder, since their wretched minister told them from the pulpit (seven years before I resigned my fellowship) that 'John Wesley was expelled the College for a base child, and had been quite amazed ever since; that all the Methodists, at their private societies, put out the lights etc,' with abundance more of the same kind. But a year or two since it was observed he grew thoughtful and melancholy, and, about nine months ago, he went into his own necessary house - and hanged himself.'

William Carvosso (see this website) wrote in his journal in April 1817, 'On my way back, I called for the first time on Mr Glasson Sr at Breage. Here I saw the power of God displayed in convincing and converting many sinners. Several backsliders were restored, and four laid hold on the blessing of perfect love.'

It is probable that Breage would have been touched by the revival in 1823 in the Helston circuit.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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