St Mewan - John Wesley (1750-1755)

John Wesley only visited St Mewan four times, but he did visit nearby Medros Farm as well. He writes in his journal on August 6th 1750, 'I rode to St Mewan, and found a large congregation (notwithstanding the rain) waiting for me. As I came out a huge man ran full against me. I thought it was by accident till he did it a second time, and began to curse and swear; on which I turned a little out of the path. He pressed vehemently after me through the crowd, and planted himself close to my side. Toward the close of the sermon his countenance changed, and in a while he slipped off his hat. When I concluded he squeezed me earnestly by the hand, and went away as quiet as a lamb.'

On August 28th 1755 he wrote, 'I preached at St Mewan. I do not remember ever to have seen the yard in which I stood quite full before, but it would not now contain the congregation: many were obliged to stand without the gate.'

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held. Welsey mentions The Green.

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