Charlestown (1826)

Charlestown must have been touched by revival in 1799 as a chapel was built to accommodate the fruit. The 1828 chapel was built as a result of the 1826/7 revival.

The circuit leader reported that, 'About 150 persons have been added to our Charlestown society, where the work has not been more extended than it has been deep, a blessed number having gone to perfection, and the old members have in some instances become new men.'

William Carvosso (see this website) was here for a few days and led three people to the Lord. He writes, 'I have often observed that where God revives His blessed work, there is a power in operation which cleanses believers. as well as convinces and converts sinners. This I have more particularly remarked in the revivals which I have witnessed of late.'

Charlestown would have also been touched by the 1834 revival in St Austell and surrounding areas.

Additional Information

I do not know where the revival took place. A chapel was built in 1799 and another in 1828 but it closed in 1998.

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