Launceston - John Wesley (1751-1789)

John Wesley often came in and out of Cornwall through Launceston and that is why he preached here more than anywhere else except St Ives, Gwennap and Redruth.

On September 3rd 1760 he wrote in his journal, 'I reached Launceston, and found the small remains of a dead, scattered society; and no wonder, as they have had scarce any discipline, and only one sermon in a fortnight.'

On August 24th 1768 he wrote, 'I rode to Launceston, where both the seriousness and largeness of the congregation, evening and morning, gave us reason to hope that all our labour will not be in vain.'

His final entry for Cornwall was on August 28th 1789, I preached at six in the evening in the new house at Launceston, still too small for the congregation, who seemed exceedingly lively. So there is a fair prospect in Cornwall, from Launceston to the Land's End.'

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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