Wendron (1814)

On July 4th 1745 after having escaped a mob at Falmouth, John came to Wendron and was met by many anxious people. He was told, 'The church-wardens and constables, and all the heads of the parish are waiting for you at the top of the hill, and are resolved to have you. They have a special warrant from the Justices met at Helston, who will stay there until you are brought.' These people believed that Wesley was a supporter of the Pretender who was trying to gain the throne at this time. With the help of a minister he knew, he talked his way out of the trouble. Three days later he had spoken for fifteen minutes while standing on a high wall when a mob came up and someone pushed him off the wall. He spoke to the agitators and all was well. He only spoke once more at Wendron.

Wendron was touched by the 1814 revival. The minister of the circuit reported that he spoke there on March 3rd and 'only at Kehelland and Wendron, I did prevail on my hearers to restrain themselves so that I could proceed without much interruption till I had finished my sermon.'

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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