Trewellard (1832)

Charles Wesley visited Trewellard twice in 1746. He relates in his journal on August 7th, 'Before preaching, I read them the late Act against swearing; of which a hundred had been sent my brother by a Justice of the Peace. I thought his design best answered by reading it in our largest congregations. I rejoiced over this steady people. Near a hundred and fifty are gathered again, and knit together in the love of Jesus.'

His brother John went there on September 6th 1746, 'I rode to Trewellard, in the parish of St Just. I found no society in Cornwall so lively as this; yet a few of them I was obliged to reprove for negligence in meeting, which is always the forerunner of great evils.'

This was the last visit by either of the brothers; I can only think that the people of the area travelled to St Just or Morvah to hear them.

Revival came in 1832. The circuit minister records, 'On the following Tuesday, February 20th, at Trewellard, a place on the coast belonging to the St Just Society, hundreds of people stood in the open air, not being able to get into the chapel. Nearly forty persons were that night pricked in their hearts, and about ten found mercy. ' Like most other places nobody wanted to go home.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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