Lanjeth (1826)

The minister of the St Austell circuit reports, 'The first extraordinary conversion which I remarked, was that of William Morkum, of Lanjeth, who lived just seventy years 'without God in the world.' In the month of February 1826, as he was at work, as usual, on the high roads, and reflecting on his long life spent in the neglect of religion, his mind became greatly alarmed at the prospect of eternity.' He spent three days in alarm and terror, but 'During the third night his fears subsided.' and he obtained peace. 'For many years he had, through infirmity, been bowed almost double; and had not been able to lift his hand to his head. His employment had been to break stones on the roads, The moment, however, of his deliverance from his load of guilt and fear, he exclaimed in ecstasy, 'I am whole in both body and soul!' He accordingly stood perfectly erect and clasped his hands together behind his head. 'Now,' he said, 'I will request the parish to buy me a pair of spectacles, that I may learn to read the Bible; and I will myself procure a lantern to light me on the winter evenings to the Methodist Chapel.' Two months later he died peacefully.

This was the beginning of the revival in this area.

Additional Information

I did not visit Lanjeth and so I do not know where the revival took place

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