St Austell (1827)

Revival came to St Austell and the surrounding area in 1827. The circuit minister reports, 'At St Austell the Spirit of the Lord has descended upon the people like dew upon the tender herb, and as rain upon the mown grass. In no instance has there been any irregularity or noisy commotion; but a steady, deep, and awful feeling of God. About one hundred souls have been added to our society at this place.'

Another revival came in 1834; the Wesleyan Magazine reported, 'In this circuit we have been favoured, during the last six weeks, with a copious outpouring of the Holy Spirit's influence. It has been realised not only in St Austell but in most of our country places.'

There may well have been revivals at other times of which I have found no record.

Additional Information

I have not visited the church and do not know where it is on Bodmin Road

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