Snizort Parish Church - Skye (1837-1868)

After 14 years of a powerful ministry in Bracadale, MacLeod was appointed to Snizort in 1837. So many came to hear him that the church, which had been built by his father, had to be extended.

During the 1842 revival MacLeod was the primary preacher at Fairy Bridge, with 5-9,000 people attending. At a Communion weekend that year in his own parish, there were 12-15,000 people, according to a Baptist minister from Broadford, and hundreds fell down as if they were dead. 'This usually commences with violent shaking and crying out, with clapping of hands.'

In 1843 he said that, 'the whole parish is one Gaelic school this winter.'

The Disruption in 1843 resulted in great persecution for a number of those who left the Church of Scotland to join the newly formed Free Church. In 1846 at least 16 families from MacLeod's congregation were ejected from their holdings, and the following year 30 more families were ordered to quit.

He reported that a large number fainted at the 1860 communion service. Thre was a good awakening at this time.

After an extremely successful ministry, MacLeod died on March 20th 1868.

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