Fearn (1840)

The revival mentioned below was also in Fearn.

In other places of Scotland also the Lord was then pouring out his spirit. Perth has been already mentioned, and its vicinity. Throughout Ross-shire, whole congregations were frequently moved as one man, and the voice of the minister drowned in the cries of anxious souls. A Bonar

In the course of a few weeks, the revival which had so powerfully affected Tarbat and Tain appeared in a great measure and under similar circumstances in many other parishes within the bounds of the Synod of Ross, particularly Alness and Urquhart.'

'Evidence on the Subject of Revivals', the Presbytery of Aberdeen, page 93.

The minister at Alness wrote of that time, 'The influences with which the Lord accompanied the preaching of the Gospel were striking and impressive in various parts of the country in 1840. About that time in every district of the parish of Alness, there were some sin-sick souls.'

'Annals of the Disruption', by Brown, page 10.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were.

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