Kilmuir Manse (1805)

John Farquharson, a student of Robert Haldane's came to Skye in 1805. He had already been used to start revival in Breadalbane (see Breadalbane Revivals). Farquharson was used by the Lord powerfully in Skye; not to bring revival, but to lead a blind Catechist, Donald Munro from Portee, to the Lord.

One day the minister of Kilmuir Parish, Donald Martin, was in Uig and heard Farquharson preaching to a large crowd in the open air. He invited him to stay in the Manse, where Farquharson appears to have remained for the rest of his stay on the island. Martin became 'born again' at this time, and it is likely that this was as a result of the ministrations of his guest.

For more see ‘The Skye Revivals,’ by Steve Taylor, published by New Wine Press.