Tiree (1839-1846)

The Congregational minister, Archibald Farquharson, had heard a lot about revivals reaching all over Scotland, so he decided to have his own new style protracted meetings and he got the intercessors praying. In February 1840 he wrote, 'We have been accustomed to hear of revivals, but I am happy to say we have both seen and felt one.' The minister made sure there were not the manifestations seen in some other places such as roaring and falling down. Church membership went up about 80% to 100.

The move spread to the Baptist church where the minister wrote, the whole church is revived and animated with more zeal and love than ever before, which adds not a little to my happiness. 

Sadly, the potato famine in 1846 led to about a third of people in this area moving abroad. 

Additional Information

The marker is on the old Congregational Chapel.

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