Cumbernauld United Secession Church (1839)

On the last Saturday of August 1839 the bell went around the village, intimating that a sermon would be preached the following evening at 6 p.m. This created quite a sensation, and almost the whole village turned out in their working clothes. at the close of the service, when those who desired conversion were asked to retire to the United Secession Church, the whole audience, amounting to between 800 and 1000 people, did so. 

The next evening the church was again packed. For a service that lasted 21/2 hours, the church was excessively crowded, with some having to sit down on the floor in the passages. Such interest continued unabated for the rest of the week, after which meetings were held each Wednesday night, as it was found difficult procuring ministerial assistance. Prayer meetings took place each Sabbath at 8 a.m, to which 150 might attend, as well as on Friday evenings. Regarding early results, it was said that hundreds of people have been placed in new circumstances and many of them have heard and seen what they never can forget.


Thanks to Tom Lennie's, 'Land of Many Revivals', pages 327-8.

Additional Information

The church became the United Presbyterian Church but no longer exists

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