Ancrum Congregational Church (1839)

In mid-summer 1839, Robert Wilson, a Congregational preacher from Denholm spoke on nine consecutive nights in a school-room. He wrote, 'The work has broken out afresh and there is a considerable stir in the village... Last night the house was so crowded that they could scarcely get stirred together and that fully an hour before the time of the meeting. Even on those cold nights, many stood around the door and windows, who could not gain admittance... On both evenings I spoke nearly three hours, and yet at the close, the greatest part seemed reluctant to separate. Last night up to 150 remained as anxious enquirers.'

There were other successful meetings in the vicinity.

'Early Congregational Independency in Lowland Scotland', by McNaughton, pages 442-3.  


Additional Information

No idea where the school was.

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