Castle Street - Aberdeen (1840)

“In the evening,” says he, “I (April 26) preached in Castle Street to an immense audience, chiefly men, on the willingness of Jesus to save the chief of sinners, from the ‘thief on the cross.’ I felt more of the divine presence than on any former occasion in Aberdeen and laboured to pull sinners out of the fire. The impression was very deep; many weeping, some screaming, and one or two quite overpowered. At eight o’clock we adjourned to the North Church, where Mr Wilson from Belfast was preaching, and when he had concluded we remained with a crowded audience for another hour in exhortation, prayer, and praise. After this we dismissed the people; but a great many were so deeply moved that we could not get away, and accordingly, I returned with Mr Murray, who addressed along with me about four hundred, from the precentor’s desk. After prayer and singing, we dismissed about ten o’clock. Getting with difficulty out of the crowd, I went down to Albion Street and addressed in a school-room about seventy of the poorest and vilest of the people in that degraded district. They were very solemn and interested to all appearance. We separated about eleven. Though this was a day of uncommon toil, yet, praise to the Lord! I was not worn out but felt strong as ever on my way home.....I may here record that none of the ministers were in favour of the street-preaching but Mr Parker. He and his session all went to Castle Street; though I felt that I did not need human countenance, having so clear a conviction of the duty, and being so conscious of the divine support in this effort to advance the glory of Jesus.”

From Rev W C Burns journal.

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