Lerwick - Shetland (1840)

From Nairn, Mr Morison went to Lerwick to fulfil an engagement he had made during his previous visit to the north with the Rev. Mr Paterson of that "fine and flourishing little town." Here as elsewhere, he had many doors of entrance opened to him, and crowds attended his ministry. All classes were made to think seriously, and many had their minds set at rest regarding their relation to God and eternity who never before understood the way of salvation. In his dealing with those who desired spiritual instruction, Mr Morison saw them individually, many of them more than once. Their difficulties were gone into with tenderness and removed as far as possible, and they were directed to the finished work of Christ, finished for them, as the sole ground of their pardon and salvation. Their names and experiences were all carefully entered in his book, which bears testimony to the nature and reality of the work that was accomplished, as well as to the fruits of the godly and honest life which spring therefrom. Altogether, nearly one hundred, in anxiety concerning the state of their souls, were conversed with, and of these, the great majority gave evidence that they had received a permanent blessing. Nor were they young and illiterate people who had been simply moved with the excitement that prevailed in the town. Some of the best-educated ladies and gentlemen of the place were amongst the "inquirers." 

'The Life of the Rev James Morison', by W Adamson, page 75.

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I assume this is where he spoke.

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