Sconser - Skye (1842)

'On the same day [Oct 1842], we sent intimation that there would be preaching at Sconser. The day turned out wet and there was no place for the people to sit with any degree of comfort, but on the shingle of the seashore, when the tide was out. For a shelter, and pulpit for the ministers, oars were set upon end and a sail thrown over them.

The Rev Mr Macdonald of Urray preached with effect to an eager congregation and we then wished to dismiss them, but they would not go away. They would insist on getting another sermon. I then preached: and after a time the tide was gaining upon us, so that those in front of the tent had to retire by degrees to the sides. Still, they would not go away, until I intimated to them that I hoped to preach next day in the Parish Church at Broadford, some eight miles off, where they might go and hear more.

Rev Donald Fraser of Kirkhill, (came to help with the revival).

From ‘The Skye Revivals,’ by Steve Taylor, published by New Wine Press, p68-9.

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