Nairn (1839)

'Nairn was then visited, where he (James Morison) occupied the pulpit of the Rev. James Mein, who was laid aside by illness. He also addressed crowded meetings on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, with such demonstration of the Spirit and power that many were turned to the Lord and joined the church.'

He 'frequently felt as if he were the subject of supernatural influences which strengthened his inner and outer man. When in the pulpit he seemed as if in a trance - having an open vision - and only with difficulty could he conclude his discourses.' 

'The life of the Rev. James Morison, D. D', by William Adamson, page 62 and 73.

At the end of January 1840, Mr Morison turned his face homeward. At the urgent request of the Rev. Mr Mein's church he consented to remain a few days at Nairn. There was a general desire among members of all denominations that he should preach at least one sermon before he went south. This he did. On Thursday evening he attended the largest prayer meeting ever conducted in the place and addressed it on Revivals, and on Friday evening held a service at which he delivered a powerful discourse, lasting three hours. Isaac Ketcher, a gentleman of the town, reported this service in a tract in which he says, " Mr Morison preached to an overflowing audience in the Secession Church. On this occasion he delivered a very rousing discourse; and his manner, so novel and captivating to the greater part of his audience, made powerful, and, I believe, permanent impressions on a number of his hearers. His loud calls for repentance, and forcible warnings in view of eternity, might -have startled some nominal self-secure hearers of the word; but he might have challenged any experienced Christian to the test, whether one word of his speech or doctrine contravened the truth as it is contained in the revealed word of God. The consequence appears to be some proof of the watering of the Spirit on his then very limited, but touching, labours here." So far Mr Ketcher. The young were much moved by this service.

'The life of the Rev. James Morison, D. D', by William Adamson, page 67.

Additional Information

There was a Seceders church here, but I do not know where it was.

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