Leith - Burns (1842)

In addition to his labours in Edinburgh, from January to March 1842 Burns could regularly be found preaching in nearby Leith. Here he spoke to densely crowded and what Burns termed 'hungry' audiences. Even though the weather during those months remained severe, the numbers attending his meetings were overflowing. So deep was the impression on them, says Burns, that the people would not go away, even after the parting blessing. So he held an after service for prayer and counselling and such was the distress of those who remained that they were removed to the vestry for further help. Robert Murray Mccheyne helped in one of these services and to all intents and purposes it looked 'as if the ever-memorable scenes of Kilsyth, Dundee and Perth were to be repeated in Leith'. So widespread was the movement of God that individuals said that the residents of the district 'were all going mad'. So many were converted to Christ that Burns could write that 'the Lord gave me spring, summer and harvest that winter in Leith'.

'Land of Many Revivals', by Tom Lennie, page 357.   

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