Loch Rannoch (1842-1844)

All along the shores of Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch a wonderful movement was also in progress. When Cameron preached from two passages of the Bible at Loch Tummelside in 1842, the whole congregation seemed affected. He said that in Foss the next day, 'the house was crowded...I could hardly get away from the people'. Such a 'stir' continued over the following months and when Duncan Cameron returned to the area in July 1843, 'the silent tear profusely stole down their cheeks' as he preached to them.

'Land of Many Revivals', by Tom Lennie, page 355.

The Lord is taking out a people for himself. For the occasion of baptising a man who had been awakened under his preaching a year previously, the people assembled in crowds, some from the distance of twelve or fourteen miles; and though the glen was thinly populated, upwards of 200 were present. The minister preached twice to the gathering who did not seem disposed to go away; then again in the early evening to a very attentive congregation, at a place four miles distant. On a further trip to the Rannoch shores in December 1843, not satisfied with a long sermon every night, so eager were the people to hear that Duncan Cameron had to sit up till two in the morning conversing and praying with enquirers, to the point that he was utterly exhausted. 

'Land of Many Revivals', by Tom Lennie, page 356.

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